My sincere apologies on the tardiness of this post. We have been very busy in preparation for 2019. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

It was supposed to rain on Saturday, but we lucked out with only dark grey skies. I pulled up to the garages where TBTM was staged, and there they were…Crick, Joe, Elijah and even Crystal. TBTM has a whole all in one place! The last time I saw this was in 2015; shortly after Crystal’s Driftmas production. Joe was cleaning his car, Crick just pulled out to give someone a ride, and Elijah was tinkering with something under the hood.

Unfortunately for Elijah, he would experience numerous issues throughout the Winter Jam event that would in the end prevent him from driving at all. I hate seeing any of my teammates struggle with their cars. In a way…it’s heartbreaking for even me. I do however admire their determination; this especially is directed towards Elijah. Though his car wasn’t working the way it should, he didn’t stop…THE WHOLE WEEKEND Elijah tried to conquer the gremlins, but sadly couldn’t get them all.

Whether it’s one of us or all of us, TBTM has never completely sat out of Winter Jam’s Team Tandem Competition. Joe and Crick set out to get some practice in, but Crick would put a little too much pressure on Joe and ended up hitting him hard enough in practice to damage his own rear suspension.

It’s been so long since the event, I can’t remember if Joe went out with some of our local friends or not. I think he drove with Sideshow Tone?

Sunday would be a different story; break out the rain gear because the rain is here! Time for slow motion and tire saving drifting.

Crick’s choice of layouts at Sonoma is the classic ‘Summer Jam’ section that uses turns 2-5. This is where he would show whomever is riding with him, just how familiar he is with this track and how hard he could push his car through the turns.

Winter Jam 2019 exceeded 330 registered drivers, and a record number for crowd attendance for a drift event at Sonoma Raceway. This event grows more and more large every year, and we are excited to watch the growth of not only this event, but the drifting sport as whole.

We are grateful to spend these moments with friends, family and partners. You all are responsible for the drive that pushes us to put on a good show. Thank you for all of your support.

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