Feeding and grooming horses, firing up the tractor, and tilling the garden are just some of the many responsibilities Crystal handles at her back-country home, which has been dubbed ‘Hooks Farm at Sweetwater’. Deep in the back of her property stands a shop that houses her two S13 coupe chassis’; one of which is her play-around SR20 powered car, and the other being a Formula D prepped chassis awaiting her new LS3! Both of which have been collecting dust this year since Crystal’s priorities were focused around her newly purchased and first home, but this weekend that would all change. Crystal is back in the driver seat to try out her newly installed Garrett GTX2867R turbo / Tial Sport BOV combo, along with giving her livery a little twist…Say hello to Crystal Hooks!

For the past couple of months we have been coordinating with Crystal in regards to some changes she had planned. Wheels, logo, performance upgrades etc. were all taken into consideration. XXR Wheels supplied Crystal with this trendy set of 557’s in their flat black / bronze finish that surely pops on her vibrant purple wrap. Crystal runs a squared setup (17×8 +15) all around. We want to thank XXR Wheels for rushing this order to her within just a few days in order to make the deadline of her event. You guys are the best! The wheels look great don’t they?!

Next was her logo…As the team begins to individualize themselves, and focus on their own visions and desires their cars become more personal; thus making their own signature logo a way to express themselves. Though their physical appearance may differ from one another, but they still withhold the common denominator of representing the name that brings them together ‘Burn The Most’. Crystal’s analogy behind her logo in her words are, “I feel that we are a tribe, and I’m a woman warrior amongst all men. The symbolization of the burning hand represents a bad investment that you will never get a return on, which is basically the definition of a race car.” Personally, I thought this was very fitting to Crystal’s personality and encouraged the idea. It’ll be great to see what this concept can grow into in later seasons. 

After fulfilling all that was needed to be done prior to race day…it was off to the races! Crystal attended the Fall Double-Down 2017 event in Cordele, GA. There were some issues throughout the day (over heating), but it wouldn’t stop her from having a good time. Crystal and her team worked together to make the car drivable for the event, and took advantage of the weather to take some nice still pictures for us to share with you. Her car is now in a solid state and ready to begin the next chapter in the TBTM book of surprises.

TBTM would like to thank all involved with Crystal’s journey to this event. It was great to see her back in the driver seat and most importantly; having fun. We’d also like to thank Korbyn Ketchledge for supplying us with all of the media you see in this post. We appreciate it Korbyn!

We have something very special we are working on that involves the team. We can’t wait to share it with all of you!
Crystal’s Partners:
Canton Racing Products
Gates Belts
Phenix Industries
Stance USA
TF Works
Tial Sport
XXR Wheels

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  1. Cindy Gray

    October 24, 2017 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    Baby Girl we are so proud of you! You’ve always been a Rocker! Go Rock that Race!

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