Crick and Texas Motor Speedway have had bad blood between each other since Crick earned his PRO2 license; Crick’s first encounter with TMS resulted in not qualifying due to an ill-prepared car, and his second season we only ran the track 4 times before the supercharger broke. This season we gave TMS and fellow PRO2 competitors a run for their money, and all sights were set for a podium finish until….Well you just got to read to find out what happened.

Monday 9/10: The team hits the road (Jake B: mechanic/pit support, Shane J. (videographer, and Anthony F. ‘aka sideshow tone’ as spotter). 
Wednesday 9:12: Robert Ljuba and childhood friend of Crick; Kevin Q. showed up to give their support, and to lend a hand wherever it was needed. 

Thursday 9/13: Qualifying/Practice: What kind of weather do you expect in Texas? Well if you haven’t been there, it can be very hot, humid, and surprise rain. Luckily for us we had the pleasure to experience all 3 of those elements this weekend. After the driver’s meeting we had a solid 4hrs of practice before qualifying would start. Straight from the gate Crick was looking solid and was driving his ‘fast’ line through the course. Though it looked pretty from the outside, Crick was still battling some front suspension issues. This was the first time we did not experience any mechanical issues the 1st day of practice in Texas. Crick would go onto lay down a 74 on his first run and a 76 on his second run that would land him in the 15th qualified position, and pair him up against Travis Reeder for tomorrow’s competition. 

Friday 9/14: Remember I said ‘surprise rain’? Well here it is! On competition day it decided to rain on us. A text was sent to our Stance USA support aka TF Dave in hopes that he could come assist us with dialing our car in for the rain. Crick and Dave went back and forth on what Crick was experiencing, while Jake was taking notes on current setup + changes they were going to make. After about 5min of actual changes it was time for Crick to go out and put the car to the test. 

The result was a night and day difference in a positive direction. Crick pulled back into the pits with great feedback. The next practice pass with K. Rowlings, would be our last of the event. As Crick initiated into Turn 1, he broke the through-shaft in his Speedway Quick-Change, and without a spare it’d eliminate from competition. 

This track has gotten the best of us year after year, but we know as we hone in on our issues, we will grow to overcome them and be back to conquer this raceway. 

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