After a high tempered event in Atlanta back in May, our priority as a team was to eliminate all potential failures on Crick’s competition car before entering Round 2 of Formula Drift PRO2 in St. Louis. This meant we had to test as many times as we could at Sonoma Raceway as well as find any other local to semi-local locations holding drifting events. Luckily for us we were contacted by our friend Caleb Quanbeck to attend his ‘Shotgun Bash’ in Oregon alongside a local familiar face here in the Bay Area; Sideshow Tone.


Crick drove his car hard at Shotgun Bash with intentions to break anything that would fail. He reported that the only things he had to change was more Nexen Tires because the car was slaughtering the course!


Now that the car proved itself at Shotgun Bash, it was time for the team to hit the road. Sadly, I (Robert Ljuba) would have stay behind this round, so the final head count would be Crick, Jake as pit support, Shane as media, and Crick’s son Nik as Spotter.


Thursday (Practice/Qualifying):
The car gets stage fright when attending Formula Drift; with that said I’ll go into telling you that the team had issues with the oiling system + turbos, but was resolved prior to qualifying. Crick was able to lay down a couple practice runs with positive feedback following them. It was time for the show…


Crick set out for his first qualifying pass and it looked to be a good one! The score came back with a 61. It’s not a terrible score, but the team knew he’d have to go 75+ to qualify. Crick called me and told me it wasn’t the car, and it was him that made a mistake and that he will come strong on his 2nd pass. His 2nd pass would soon come and he did just as he said by laying down a solid 77 that would put him qualifying in 15th position. After his 77 scored run, the judges praised how he filled the outer zoner better than anyone in the field that day. It’s always good to hear positive feedback from the judges.


Closing the night knowing that Crick qualified left his family and friends in pure joy. We knew the next day would bring excitement…or rain…or rain and WIND STORM!! If you haven’t already seen some of the carnage that took place Friday then go on @formuladerp ‘s instagram to check out some of the footage. The rain and wind capsized many EZ ups and forced Formula Drift staff to push the PRO2 competition to early Saturday morning before PRO1.


Us early birds had an easy time waking up to view PRO2’s 6:00am PST start time, but some found it difficult. I woke up and tuned into the FD Live page and began watching the tandem battles in Top 16. Finally, Crick was up! I was sweating, heart was pounding, and I was cheering as Crick drove like I knew he could drive! It was no question that Crick would advance to the Great 8 and sure enough the judges dropped the hammer and he did in fact advance. Success! Crick has never advanced beyond Top 16 until now. Does he have what it takes to make it to Final 4? Sadly the decision was left in the judges hands and the advancement would go to Rollins, Crick’s competitor. Rollins de-beaded a tire on his follow run before the dirt drop, then damaged it more after the dirt drop. The judges approved of Rollins changing this tire, which was debatable. In Crick’s lead run, he went too inside on the first clip and straightened going into the 2nd clip. The disqualification of Crick was sad to many, but we are all very proud that he advanced beyond Top 16. Crick now sits in 7th overall position in points standings.


By following us you’ve probably seen that our FD trips aren’t like others. Crick likes to take the scenic routes back home and stop to take in the sights. There were many stops along the way that involved water; rivers, creeks, waterfalls to jump off of etc. It also pays off to have a fun guy like Shane here to document this whole trip so that we can share it with you in the end.


Next stop…Rushmore? Yes! Rushmore!


So if all you saw was this picture, what would your mind tell you or show you on how the subject got there? This ladies and gentleman is the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats where land speed records are made and broken. Crick took it upon himself to take advantage of this historic setting and unleash his twin turbo’d LSX beast of an S13. We are pretty sure this is the first time a set of Nexen SUR4G tires ever touched the Salt Flats, let alone drifted on it! Don’t worry…The first stop after this fun show was to a gas station to wash off the salt.


We hope you enjoyed the editorial. If you don’t like reading then feel free to watch this 30min video put together by Shane Jaskolski!


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