After publishing our 1 on 1 with photographer Harry Chriest last month, we received a lot of praise for recognizing some of the local media personnel, which has led us to showcase photographers and their work throughout the year in our new ‘Photographer Spotlight’ series.
Our 2nd installment to the Photographer Spotlight goes to Kingsley Hurley / Instagram: @visualsofkings . Kingsley has been a name brought up more than on one occasion for not only his motorsports work, but also portrait, landscape, and other action sport visuals. Kingsley’s work is on a broad spectrum, which makes him an intriguing artist to follow. One day you may see a 1000hp drift car shredding tires up turn 2 at Sonoma Raceway, and the next day you may see a beautiful model being one with nature and all of its beauty. His artwork behind the camera is unparalleled, and we are always privileged to receive his work in our inbox!
Here is TBTM with Kingsley Hurley!

1: What brand/model camera do you shoot with?

I shoot with a Nikon D5200, in intermediate beginners camera but I have a couple $1k plus lenses that have helped me bring up the quality of my images to hold me over this last year. I’m actually buying a Nikon D750 in a couple weeks so I can take my business to the next level.


2: How long have you had photography as a hobby and/or job?
Well I started with film photography back in high school after I blew my knee out snowboarding. After about a year I ended up being the person in front of a camera more then behind one because I had got into BMX to strengthen my knee. Then life happened and about three and half years ago I got back into photography as a hobby. And a year later I was doing paid shoots for families. So for the last two years I’ve been growing my business slowly because I have a full time job to pay the bills but it has been coming along. I’m a regular photographer for some Wine Country Events in Sonoma and I’ve had 4 published shoots including a paid shoot for the Auto Meter catalog cover with Old Smokey F1 which was a really great opportunity.



3: What are your favorite types of events to shoot and why?
 Events, I would have to say drift. It’s laid back and fun and a great way to see cars that you don’t see often.



4: How long have you been shooting Sonoma Drift events?
Well this October marks 2 years for shooting regularly out at Sonoma Raceway for WND. When I first started going out there and shooting I noticed the regular photographers out there and I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. So the first year I mainly focused on doing heavy toned out “Instagram” edits of drift cars. I was also doing those edits to give the drivers something different then what the other photographers were doing from what I saw. After shooting out at Sonoma for a full year and people recognizing those edits and knowing who I was I started doing more standard or “magazine” edits to show more of what I can do.



5: Do you have a favorite event that you look forward to going to every year? Not necessarily to shoot, but just to attend?
No not really, I’m too busy. But this last year I went up to Bash to the Future 5 in Medofrd Oregon to shoot photos for just a day and that was rad. I liked being able to basically get right up on the track and get in spots for photos no other event will let you do for safety reasons. And I get it but I’m used to putting myself in harry spots with some of my other hobbies so the adrenaline junky in me likes shooting that event and will definitely be back this year.



6: Since we know you through the drifting demographic…If you had the opportunity to build whatever drift car you wanted; what would it be and what engine would power it?
That’s a tough one.. I’d probably have an old Datsun 240 or 280z with a 1jz so I could daily drive it and slide it.



Kingsley’s Social Media:
Facebook: Kingsley Hurley
Instagram: @visualsofkings
Without the media personnel at these events we all attend…there would be no material for us to reminisce on. Photographers and videographers not only build their own memories when they shoot an event, but they build our memories; the drivers’ memories. We want to take this time to not only thank Harry for his hard work, but ALL of you out there that scan the track for that perfect angle, stand in the blistering heat or frigid cold weather for hours, and endure the tire smoke we throw at you just to get that 1 shot…that 1 story…that 1 memory. You all deserve credit! Thank you.

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