Change is always good. This past weekend was a big change for driver Crick Filippi as he would be piloting the CorteX Racing 2015 Mustang around the East Course of ThunderHill Raceway. Rather than pitching the car sideways seeing how far he can stretch a drift, Crick would have to focus on keeping the Pilot Sport tires planted and achieving the fastest lap time in his class.


The Ultimate Street Car Association put on by Optima was held at ThunderHill Raceway and was a 2-day event. Joining Crick in the pits would be the CorteX staff Trent Musser, and Tristen Johnson as well as Crick’s brother Levi Filippi.  The first day was autocross and second day would be road course. Due to some unforeseen circumstances Crick couldn’t stay long for Day 1, but from what we heard he was cutting tenths of seconds off each run as he got used to the car.

Day 2 would be a new day with new goals! With a lot on his mental plate it was a wonderful sight to see his youngest son at the track giving him the thumbs up!

It wasn’t soon after the day began when I started receiving messages of how well Crick was driving and how he was bringing in a lot of positive attention to himself and the team. Pictures were soon posted by our friend Mark Brooks of Crick chasing down heavy hitters on the road course including some ZR1’s. There seems to be a bright future ahead for Crick as a driver in well…pretty much any field of racing. This past weekend opened up new doors for Crick as he showed people that he can not only control chaos of a vehicle sliding sideways, but also keeping all four tires planted and focused on getting that fastest lap!
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We want to express our gratitude to our friend Mark Brooks for supplying us with all of the media coverage supported in this post. Please check out his photography here where you can view all of his different styles of photography! You can also inquire about prints with him!

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