In 2017, Formula Drift was being directed by Hankook, Achilles, Nexen, Falken, and Nitto for approved tire companies. So you might be asking yourself, ‘Why Nexen?” or “How do you know what to go with?”. This is an acknowledgment to our newest partner Nexen Tire USA and how we established this partnership.

Time crunching; something we are all far too familiar with. This was an ongoing pattern in 2017, and unfortunately for us, during this time we were cut from our tire partner due to lack of budget. With just 2 weeks until the second round in Atlanta, Crick Filippi was without tire support. Team manager, Robert Ljuba began making phone calls, but none resulted in positive news. With each call Robert made it seemed to be that the tire pricing was getting more expensive. This was simply not feasible for our grassroots/self-made budget.
We started looking on Tire Rack for Formula Drift ‘approved’ tires, and stumbled across the Nexen SUR4. Robert and Tire Rack went back and forth to see how they could source us 30 tires and at what cost. Tire Rack would’ve had to source the tires from 4 of their warehouses around the nation and there was a chance they all wouldn’t get here in time for Round 2. This was a gamble we could not take.

In desperate measures, Robert reached out to a partner of TBTM for some potential guidance, which in the end led to an introductory call with Nexen Tire USA. The responsible personnel from Nexen said, “We don’t want to leave a driver behind”. This quote spoke volumes to his character and how he genuinely looks out for drivers. With just a little over a week until Round 2, Crick Filippi knew his tires would be supplied by Nexen Tire USA. This trend would carry on through all rounds we attended. Each round we tried our best to prove our worth and Nexen saw that. We think that our determination was noticed, and thus resulted in this partnership for 2018. TBTM is privileged to represent such a company as Nexen Tire and look forward to sharing our success with them!

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