Last season we acknowledged our partnership with Gates Auto; one of the leading manufacturers of application specific fluid power and power transmission solutions.

This season we are grateful to announce that our partnership is continuing, but has kicked off in a slightly different route than expected…We all strive to make whatever we are racing as reliable as possible, but sometimes we seem to forget what gets us there or what pays the bills to get us to our events.
2002 F250 (7.3): This truck has been in my possession for 6 years and I’ve loved every bit of it. There was even a length of time when we were using it to tow Crick’s car to Bash to the Future and ASB. Recently I installed 2 new Motorcraft batteries and an alternator, while doing so I thought it would be a good idea to replace the belt, so that’s when I called our contact at Gates. Shortly after our call, the order was on the way! After I received it; there seemed to be a lot more than what we spoke about. Gates supplied us with 2 radiator hoses, belt, tensioner, and clamps! For those of you with this truck, you know that the OEM upper radiator hose goes through the belt so if you ever needed to change the belt you’ll have to pull that hose first. This can make for a messy install, which should be clean and very simple. Gates has resolved this issue by re-routing the upper radiator hose! Save yourself the future headache and convert yours now! Part numbers can be seen in the photos!

Here is the finished product!


Next up to reap from the benefits of Gates Auto…Crystal Hooks. Crystal has recently acquired John Deere 1010 and 2010 tractors to help maintain her 40 acre back-country home. Crystal mentioned to me that she was in need of 2 drive-belts; 1 for each tractor. One tractor I believe was her father’s, and she’s in the midst of bringing it back to a reliable/functional state. She decided to display her appreciation to Gates with this video she produced in her shop, showing the installation of Gates RPM belts on her SR20, as well as the drive belt on her 1010 tractor! Enjoy!

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