With the turbo setup finalized and in their final home, it was time to focus on the intercooler. Crick purchased 2 separate cores from ATP Turbo when we initially purchased all of the turbo components. His idea was to mate them together with two ports on the bottom and one center port on top to the LS3 intake manifold.

Would you just look at those welds!

“Measure twice, cut once” is what many of us were told growing up. This can be taken different ways for different situations. Obviously Crick had to precise on the placement of the intercooler + its angle.

It was awesome to see how much progress was happening in such a short amount of time. It seemed like every couple of hours, Crick was sending me photos of what he was working on next.
Next up was the intercooler-to-intake tube…

Symmetry is everything. Crick wasn’t only focused on reliability/functionality when beginning this conversion, but also wanted the “bad ass” effect. With 2 centered Tial Sport BOV’s parallel to the Tial Sport 44mm wastegates it was sure to bring the “badassness”. Not to mention it looks like a sick gas-mask.

Now what are you going to do with all of that boost and no fuel? TURN IT UP!!!!  With our new partnership with Fuel Injector Connection, we were setup with a set of 127lb injectors and a pair of Radium fuel rails to feed this beast the dragon juice it needs.

With just 2 days left until Winter Jam 2017…All Crick has left is to plumb the car, finish the exhaust, and put an accessory belt on. Tomorrow’s dyno tuning appointment should be very interesting. We will see you at Winter Jam!

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