If you didn’t read *Part 1* then let me fill you in really quick…Crick installed his new MAST Black Label heads, and mounted the turbos temporarily so he could begin fabricating the custom manifolds. Drawing the imaginary lines from head to turbos would be Crick’s job as he had the turbos in their fixed location.

It made the job a little easier having a spare set of cylinder heads, that way Crick could utilize the flanges on his work bench for perfect fitment. One small hurdle that would be easily overcame was to wrap the runners around the shock tower on the driver side.

Looks…looks seem to be everything. We bounced ideas off of each other as to where to locate the collectors…straight up or tilted out. We agreed on tilted out.

All built and tac’d

With the driver side fitted and built. It was time to seal those openings with some dime-stacks.

Passenger side has begun.
Passenger side runners all finished and ready to be welded up.

The beginning of the Tial Sport 44mm adapter flanges. We can’t wait to hear the noise that comes from these babies!

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