Since 2015, Crick Filippi has been whining his way through Formula Drift…quite literally I might add. (no pun intended). His Magnuson TVS2300 Supercharger was a very fun power adder, and it gave Crick that signature whine so everyone knew when he was on their door. For 2018, all of that would change…
After many ideas were tossed around in Crick’s garage about what to do for not only Winter Jam, but the 2018 season, Crick settled on going from whine…to whistle! Immediately after concretely deciding on a turbo setup, We reached out to ATP Turbo in Hayward, CA for their recommendations for the power we are seeking. The chosen setup was a set of twin GEN2 GTX3071R turbos that would be assisted by twin Tial Sport BOV and Wastegates.

Crick and the team have already started the disassembly of the older components, and started assembly for the new components. First thing first, removing the supercharger and opening a box we didn’t even know Crick had.. a brand new set of MAST Black Label LS3 heads that he received earlier this season. We thought this would be an appropriate time to get these beauties installed for more flow.

Next up was to mount the turbos where they’d find their final home.

We’d like to clear up any misconstrued words that have been lost in translation. Magnuson Superchargers makes a great product and they have wonderful customer service. They always took care of us, and made sure we were ready for war. The decision to go turbo was a group decision. We are hoping to make more reliable power with less abuse to the engine. And you better believe that Crick’s TVS2300 is staying in the family! It’ll either find it’s home on a 67′ Nova or a 67′ Camaro amongst the team.
Keep an eye out for Part 2!

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