We are all familiar with the wide variety of shows revolving around the automotive industry, but have you ever heard of a semi truck show? Yeah…neither have we, until Crick’s partner Fitzgerald USA invited us to their Semi Casual Truck Show!

The timing was perfect; May 4-5 would be the days for the Semi Casual show, located at Bristol Dragway in Bristol, TN. After the show, we would be able to make our way to Atlanta, GA for the first round of Formula Drift PRO2 that would land on the following weekend.




Let the show begin! We drove Crick’s car to the staging area; this is where the tractors would line up to drag race down the famous Bristol Dragway…yes DRAG RACE! Before this weekend I never thought I’d see a tractor run a 15.4 in the quarter mile. It was quite impressive considering Crick’s 17′ F250 ran a 16.2 with 6 of us packed in there haha. Diesel powered trucks took over the drag strip for 3-4 hours with nothing but sunny skies and black soot above them!



Show tractors that would rival some great builds at SEMA were driven miles to attend this show, and then cleaned for hours before the show began. These were not only show pieces, but workhorses that provided the means for the drivers and their families. No two tractors were the same in any way; you could analyze each one closely and see personable touches that would be significant or sentimental to their owner. Each was a work of art to say the least.



Demo time! Freestyle stunt riders Jesse Toler and Rodney Sargent would share the spotlight with us as we gave the folks of Bristol a show to remember and to look forward to for years to come! Jesse, Rodney, and Crick piloted their toys around the truck show to bring attention to the staging area where the demo would take place. Once the crowd was in place…the stunts began! Jesse and Rodney warmed the crowd up with some stoppies, drifting, and other sketchy stunts on 2-wheels. Following the riders was Crick; who woke his twin-turbo V8 S13 and began destroying his Nexen Tires on the staging area. Mid-drift, Crick gave Jesse and Rodney the signal to come out for the finale! Red, White, and Blue! While Jesse and Rodney roasted their rear tires revealing blue and red smoke, Crick continued to swinging wide donuts around them completing the trio of a patriotic smoke cloud! The crowd went crazy!





With the sun setting, it was time to acknowledge all participants and give awards to the trucks that stood out the most not only by the judges, but by the spectators as well. I thought it was really cool how the spectators got to vote on their favorite tractor of the show. Categories would include but not limited to; best engine bay, interior, exterior, Top 25, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Congratulations to all participants!




Closing the night out. As a surprise to us and probably most of the attendees, Fitzgerald USA closed this event in fashion by having the band Foghat perform on stage for the folks of Tennessee. The speakers were turned up, stage bumpin’, and crowd jumpin’!


At the end of the show; the Fitzgerald staff presented Crick and the team with the “Furthest Traveled” award for our efforts. This capped off the weekend on the highest note for us, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


At this time we would like to formally thank all branches under the Fitzgerald USA umbrella for inviting us to your Semi Casual Truck Show. This will forever be burned into our memories and will go down as one of our best trips as a team. We’d also like to thank Jessica: @jayfizzy4rizzie and Chelsea: @_charms for shooting these pictures that capture the essence of the event. Lastly, we’d like to thank our friends Lisa and Nate for their support of TBTM and giving us this opportunity. We hope we made you all proud! Thank you!

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