1,695 miles. That is the distance from our city of Vallejo, CA to the home of the world’s largest TV and last round for PRO2…Texas Motor Speedway. Touching back on our PRO2 journey to Texas in 2015; we came close to qualifying, but would end up falling short due to suspension alignment issues. That was the first year Crick had the newly introduced WiseFab angle kit on his car. Since then he has adapted to this new steering + tons of other changes we made to the S13 chassis.
With 2 consecutive qualifying rounds and consistent growth with the car; Crick had high expectations for himself and his team going into Round 4 at Texas Motor Speedway.
Thursday (Practice/Qualifying):
I wish I could tell you that there would be a paragraph following this titled; ‘Friday (Competition), but unfortunately Thursday was it for TBTM.
11:25am: Aaron and Robert finished prepping the car, and packed up the support vehicle to follow Crick out onto the track. 1st set of tires: Crick lays down what already looks like it could be a qualifying run, but comes in seeking some alignment adjustments. After the request was filled by Aaron, Crick lined back up on grid and laid down yet another solid run. 2nd set of tires: We asked a friend in the stands the speed Crick was clocked at through one of the last clipping points…It came with no surprise after watching the field that he was 7mph faster than his competitors. Crick pulled into the pits feeling confident, feeling good, and knew this would be the event we were waiting for. 3rd set of tires: Crick pedals his 740whp S13 down the straight-away, initiates into the first turn, no boost…A belt? another jackshaft? We don’t know. Crick pulls back into the pit and the team yanks the hood. Everything is where it’s supposed to be and looks how it is supposed to look. We pull the front belt and spin the supercharger to find the culprit; the supercharger broke internally.
Blood was boiling and tension rose. Robert called his rep at Magnuson in hopes of receiving some (ASAP) assistance while Aaron and Crick went to the pits to see if anyone had a spare supercharger. Savior!!! Gale and Alec H. had a brand new spare, all we needed was approval from Magnuson that they’d replace theirs if we used it. By this time it was around 12:30pm; leaving us with 1 hour to uninstall and reinstall a supercharger before qualifying at 1:30pm. Approval was granted and relayed to Gale, Robert called Aaron to give him the green-light to start uninstalling our supercharger. 15min into the disassembly of both Crick’s supercharger and Alec’s we get a call saying there was a misunderstanding. Unfortunately the needs could not be met (logistically) so we had to return their supercharger, and forfeit ourselves from the competition early. We still want to give Alec and Gale a huge shoutout for their generosity for even entertaining the idea of letting us use their spare. We can’t thank your team enough!
The remainder of the trip Crick and his team set out to see what Texas had to offer. With BBQ on the menu everyday, we looked for the best The Lone Star state was serving. Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ came up repeatedly so after a less than successful day trying to ‘noodle’ or ‘hillbilly hand fishing’ we stopped by Billy’s just to find a sign that said, “Sold out of food. Come back tomorrow for the best bbq.” Naturally we didn’t take that for an answer. Robert went into the restaurant to find Billy and a young lady cleaning up for the day. Robert asked if the sign was true and without hesitation, Billy responded, “Yes. We sold out at 4pm and opened at 11am. Try coming back tomorrow.” Robert explained to Billy that the team had traveled a long distance and were leaving the next day in hopes of receiving some famous BBQ. Billy had just enough ribs left over to feed our team of 5 and treat us with that signature southern hospitality. The team got to visit and get to know Billy while we were there, and setup a future visit for next year’s trip! Before leaving we had the pleasure of taking a group picture in front of his restaurant. We are all still talking about those damn ribs today! If you’re reading this Billy…WE ARE COMING BACK!

Though this trip didn’t go how we foresaw it, we still made the best of it and built more memories with our friends. TBTM will be back for you Texas and we won’t be leaving without a trophy! Each trip is filmed and edited with the help of our friend Shane Jaskolski. Now check out this footage!

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