Photographer Spotlight: Jessica Miller

Just because the season ended doesn’t mean content has to stop right? We are on the third installment of our Photographer Spotlight acknowledgments; this time we are putting our focus on Jessica Miller!
Jessica is one of the many photographers that found their way to the Sonoma Drift paddock, and has been attracted to the sounds of high revving engines and billowing clouds or tire smoke. We had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica to find out just who she was outside of this race environment…the answers may surprise you.
1: What brand/model camera do you shoot with?
Currently I have a Canon 7d Mark II. Before Winter Jam last year I was hunting for a new camera, rented this model for one of the last Wednesday drifts. It was awesome for action/motorsport photography, plus it fit in my hand. I went and purchased it just in time for Winter Jam (it arrived on Thursday) and haven’t looked back. Although I am always on the hunt for the “perfect” lens.

2: How long have you had photography as a hobby and/or job?
I bought my first “real” camera for the America’s Cup in SF a couple of years ago. It has only evolved from there. I am now rarely without it.

3: What are your favorite types of events to shoot and why?
One of the best things about being a photographer, is you get to be outside, explore, and try to capture a single moment in a static shot. Really, any event that’s outside is fine with me. Sport-wise, I stick to surfing and drifting. But I’ve also shot some weddings, parties, food shoots, etc. None of those even comes close to the excitement of standing on the wall as a couple TBTM drivers come sliding past half an inch on the other side. Shooting surfing and drifting are somewhat similar. You can’t get so absorbed in what you are seeing through your lens that you lose focus of what is going on around you.

4: How long have you been shooting Sonoma Drift events?
My first time at Sonoma Raceway and seeing drifting in person was March of last year. It was quite the show, seeing Elijah, Crick, and Joe all drift together. I was a spectator and shooting from any vantage point I could get, mainly on the stairs of the grandstands. It wasn’t until towards the end of the season when I finally got a media pass and started standing on the wall. Well, it took until Winter Jam until I stood right next to the wall.

5: You mentioned prior to this interview that you don’t have an automotive background or know much about cars. How did you get into shooting drifting?
Before I started attending drift events, I was in awe of Kingsly Hurley’s shots he was posting on Instagram. He was super chill and introduced me to this world. And it has taken off since then. I still don’t know much about cars. I have to keep a spreadsheet with all the drivers’ car info (make, model, color, etc) because I am car blind. I am constantly learning new tips and tricks to shooting drifting and always trying to evolve my editing style.

6: Do you have a favorite event that you look forward to going to every year? Not necessarily to shoot, but just to attend?
I’ve only been to one Winter Jam, but as soon as they released the dates for this year’s Winter Jam, it was on my calendar. Outside of drift, there’s a spot in the Marin Headlands, not a long hike but it’s all steep hills. Getting there while the low fog is flowing in and around the Golden Gate Bridge but you are still warm in the August sun, that’s magic. Not really an event, though. I hope to get out and start shooting more car/drifting events next year. Besides Winter Jam the only other car event’s I’ve attended are classic/vintage car shows/races; a lot of fun and beautiful, but none of the adrenaline of a drifting event. Sort of like trying to compare a cup of earl grey tea to a red bull.

7: Do you have a favorite car you like to shoot at Sonoma?
I’m a huge fan of smoke (who isn’t?) so I’m partial to standing right on the wall at the ‘clipping point’ as Crick slides past. But honestly, I like shooting all the different cars. Seeing the drivers’ get better over the season. Seeing the different paddock courses. Every run is different no matter how amazing the driver. Sonoma Raceway is crazy beautiful, so it’s always a challenge to find a composition that shows the beauty of the location with the raw power of a car sliding past creating a smoke screen.

Jessica; like many others, is consistently sharing her work with the drivers. This is definitely noticed by us, and we are more than appreciative of her efforts. We’d like to formally thank you for all that you do for not only TBTM, but for the culture.

TBTM partners with Fuel Injector Connection for 2018

About a month ago, Robert Ljuba leaked a little teaser about a new partner joining the TBTM family so without further adieu we’d like to introduce Fuel Injector Connection as a partner for Crick Filippi and his 2018 Formula Drift PRO2 season.

Crick was introduced to FIC (Fuel Injector Connection) last season after being referred by our tuner; Nick Newton of Newtech Performance in Hayward, CA. We sent over Crick’s OEM LS Deka injectors to get resized to 72lb to fuel our Magnuson TVS2300 Supercharger. The turn-around time was little to no time at all, customer service was great, and the quality spoke for itself. We had and still do not have any issues with their product, and that is why we came back to them this season for our 127lb injectors + Radium fuel rails to feed our new twin-turbo system.

Crick’s new TT system would go onto make 912whp/840tq after being tuned by Nick at Newtech Performance, and would carry Crick to his podium finish that following weekend at Sonoma Drift’s: Winter Jam 2017 event. We hope this is a repeating pattern and we continue to excel with this new and more efficient fuel delivery system.

History of FIC:
FIC first opened their retail doors in the North Georgia area in October 2007. Since 1986, they have been rebuilding fuel injectors for major rebuilders on sublet contracts that supply the aftermarket through major auto parts chains.
In 1996, they started offering cleaning and testing services for electronic fuel injectors on a wholesale basis to repair shops all over South Florida. Their business continues to rapidly grow, and they are known throughout the industry as the leaders in fuel injector reconditioning. FIC’s reconditioned injectors are shipped all over the world, with a heavy concentration in North, Central, and South America.
FIC uses state of the art equipment from ASNU, a leader in cleaning/testing flow benches for gasoline fuel injectors. They also sell a full line of new injectors as well as their own “Blue Demon” injectors that are perfectly flow balanced and rebuilt with viton o-rings.
All of their reconditioning work and rebuilt injectors are guaranteed for 3 years.
Services offered by FIC:
-Injector resizing service
-Injector restoration service
-Injector data request’s
Thank you again FIC for solidifying this partnership. We look forward to sharing all victories with you!
Aaron Weinberger

Winter Jam 2017

354 registered drivers, capped media personnel locked in at 80, and a crowd attendance that could rival INDY; this is what makes Winter Jam at Sonoma Raceway the largest drifting event in the country and potentially in the world from a drivers registration standpoint! Each year this event grows more in every aspect. Between 2016 and 17′ our registered drivers increased by over 100, and having been around and involved since the beginning of this event; it is rewarding to see the lengths people go to make this event happen.


Day 1 (Saturday): I can’t lie…I wasn’t there. I was stuck in the gridlocked traffic on HW37 in my ‘Ljuba-ru’, and didn’t have the patience to deal with it, so I went home. Elijah on the other hand took full advantage of Winter Jam and its elaborate venue by driving on every layout available excluding the FD layout (Turn 7). Elijah’s presence + new look + new power was the combination that brought much attention to not only the team, but Elijah as an individual. Elijah’s partners made him priority by getting him much needed product to make this event possible for him. Shout out to SFG Wraps for getting him all of his partner stickers with just 1-day notice! If you need any vinyl please contact Danny at SFG Wraps! He will take care of you.



Day 2 (Sunday): With Crick battling the mechanics of his car it was all or nothing. Luckily he was able to tune his car at Newtech Performance in Hayward, CA late night Saturday after his rockers broke on his MAST heads the previous day. The solution was swapping the MAST with the LSX heads. Crick would leave the tuning session putting 912whp/840tq down to the ground.


Better late than never…Crick showed up to the track in-time to do one practice run (blowing off his power steering return line). Once repaired, it was time to qualify and he would seal up the 9th spot out of 16. Crick battled it out and served as victor until the Top 4 battle when he’d go against Matt Madrigali, a familiar face to those who have been drifting in NorCal. Crick put the pressure on in his follow run…a little too much, which would cause him to collide into Matt’s passenger door. Crick did not resume drifting which led the judges to giving him a 0 in that run. Crick would go onto battle for 3rd as Matt would go battle for top spot. In the end the podium would look like: Travis R.-1st, Matt M.-2nd, and Crick F. 3rd. This was a huge accomplishment for us and brought the fire back in Crick. Though this event didn’t put fourth the abuse of a Formula Drift event, it does look promising that we now have a reliable setup to compete with in 2018.



Elijah was at it again! Putting his footprint on all layouts and stirring up some serious smoke down the Summer Jam course. Elijah’s E36 planted by Stance XR1 coilovers, and XXR Wheels wrapped in Zestino rubber is a recipe for huge clouds and consistent grip. We have nothing, but love for these companies and the products they manufacture. Elijah holds a whole new confidence in his chassis after Winter Jam put it through extensive testing. We hope to see Elijah on grid at Top Drift Limited in 2018.


Kingsley Hurley
Steve McDermott
Cole Stroh
Jessica MillerThank you all who attended, as well as the staff who continues to make Winter Jam possible.

Crick’s video shot by Shane Jaskolski (@2shaanez)

Elijah’s video shot by Devyn Roseman (@sk_3__)

Crick’s Partners:
ATP Turbo
Canton Racing Products
Fitzgerald Glider Kits
Fuel Injector Connection
Gates Auto
Manley Performance
Phenix Industries
Spec Clutch
Stance USA
TF Works
Wright Wraps
XXR Wheels

Elijah’s Partners:
Big Duck Club
Canton Racing Products
Gates Auto
Manley Performance
Nerp Tech
Phenix Industries
Stance USA
West Coast Ravenol
TF Works
Tial Sport
XXR Wheels
Zestino Tyre USA

From WHINE to WHISTLE *Part 3*

With the turbo setup finalized and in their final home, it was time to focus on the intercooler. Crick purchased 2 separate cores from ATP Turbo when we initially purchased all of the turbo components. His idea was to mate them together with two ports on the bottom and one center port on top to the LS3 intake manifold.

Would you just look at those welds!

“Measure twice, cut once” is what many of us were told growing up. This can be taken different ways for different situations. Obviously Crick had to precise on the placement of the intercooler + its angle.

It was awesome to see how much progress was happening in such a short amount of time. It seemed like every couple of hours, Crick was sending me photos of what he was working on next.
Next up was the intercooler-to-intake tube…

Symmetry is everything. Crick wasn’t only focused on reliability/functionality when beginning this conversion, but also wanted the “bad ass” effect. With 2 centered Tial Sport BOV’s parallel to the Tial Sport 44mm wastegates it was sure to bring the “badassness”. Not to mention it looks like a sick gas-mask.

Now what are you going to do with all of that boost and no fuel? TURN IT UP!!!!  With our new partnership with Fuel Injector Connection, we were setup with a set of 127lb injectors and a pair of Radium fuel rails to feed this beast the dragon juice it needs.

With just 2 days left until Winter Jam 2017…All Crick has left is to plumb the car, finish the exhaust, and put an accessory belt on. Tomorrow’s dyno tuning appointment should be very interesting. We will see you at Winter Jam!


If you didn’t read *Part 1* then let me fill you in really quick…Crick installed his new MAST Black Label heads, and mounted the turbos temporarily so he could begin fabricating the custom manifolds. Drawing the imaginary lines from head to turbos would be Crick’s job as he had the turbos in their fixed location.

It made the job a little easier having a spare set of cylinder heads, that way Crick could utilize the flanges on his work bench for perfect fitment. One small hurdle that would be easily overcame was to wrap the runners around the shock tower on the driver side.

Looks…looks seem to be everything. We bounced ideas off of each other as to where to locate the collectors…straight up or tilted out. We agreed on tilted out.

All built and tac’d

With the driver side fitted and built. It was time to seal those openings with some dime-stacks.

Passenger side has begun.
Passenger side runners all finished and ready to be welded up.

The beginning of the Tial Sport 44mm adapter flanges. We can’t wait to hear the noise that comes from these babies!


Since 2015, Crick Filippi has been whining his way through Formula Drift…quite literally I might add. (no pun intended). His Magnuson TVS2300 Supercharger was a very fun power adder, and it gave Crick that signature whine so everyone knew when he was on their door. For 2018, all of that would change…
After many ideas were tossed around in Crick’s garage about what to do for not only Winter Jam, but the 2018 season, Crick settled on going from whine…to whistle! Immediately after concretely deciding on a turbo setup, We reached out to ATP Turbo in Hayward, CA for their recommendations for the power we are seeking. The chosen setup was a set of twin GEN2 GTX3071R turbos that would be assisted by twin Tial Sport BOV and Wastegates.

Crick and the team have already started the disassembly of the older components, and started assembly for the new components. First thing first, removing the supercharger and opening a box we didn’t even know Crick had.. a brand new set of MAST Black Label LS3 heads that he received earlier this season. We thought this would be an appropriate time to get these beauties installed for more flow.

Next up was to mount the turbos where they’d find their final home.

We’d like to clear up any misconstrued words that have been lost in translation. Magnuson Superchargers makes a great product and they have wonderful customer service. They always took care of us, and made sure we were ready for war. The decision to go turbo was a group decision. We are hoping to make more reliable power with less abuse to the engine. And you better believe that Crick’s TVS2300 is staying in the family! It’ll either find it’s home on a 67′ Nova or a 67′ Camaro amongst the team.
Keep an eye out for Part 2!

Photographer Spotlight: Kingsley Hurley

After publishing our 1 on 1 with photographer Harry Chriest last month, we received a lot of praise for recognizing some of the local media personnel, which has led us to showcase photographers and their work throughout the year in our new ‘Photographer Spotlight’ series.
Our 2nd installment to the Photographer Spotlight goes to Kingsley Hurley / Instagram: @visualsofkings . Kingsley has been a name brought up more than on one occasion for not only his motorsports work, but also portrait, landscape, and other action sport visuals. Kingsley’s work is on a broad spectrum, which makes him an intriguing artist to follow. One day you may see a 1000hp drift car shredding tires up turn 2 at Sonoma Raceway, and the next day you may see a beautiful model being one with nature and all of its beauty. His artwork behind the camera is unparalleled, and we are always privileged to receive his work in our inbox!
Here is TBTM with Kingsley Hurley!

1: What brand/model camera do you shoot with?

I shoot with a Nikon D5200, in intermediate beginners camera but I have a couple $1k plus lenses that have helped me bring up the quality of my images to hold me over this last year. I’m actually buying a Nikon D750 in a couple weeks so I can take my business to the next level.


2: How long have you had photography as a hobby and/or job?
Well I started with film photography back in high school after I blew my knee out snowboarding. After about a year I ended up being the person in front of a camera more then behind one because I had got into BMX to strengthen my knee. Then life happened and about three and half years ago I got back into photography as a hobby. And a year later I was doing paid shoots for families. So for the last two years I’ve been growing my business slowly because I have a full time job to pay the bills but it has been coming along. I’m a regular photographer for some Wine Country Events in Sonoma and I’ve had 4 published shoots including a paid shoot for the Auto Meter catalog cover with Old Smokey F1 which was a really great opportunity.



3: What are your favorite types of events to shoot and why?
 Events, I would have to say drift. It’s laid back and fun and a great way to see cars that you don’t see often.



4: How long have you been shooting Sonoma Drift events?
Well this October marks 2 years for shooting regularly out at Sonoma Raceway for WND. When I first started going out there and shooting I noticed the regular photographers out there and I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. So the first year I mainly focused on doing heavy toned out “Instagram” edits of drift cars. I was also doing those edits to give the drivers something different then what the other photographers were doing from what I saw. After shooting out at Sonoma for a full year and people recognizing those edits and knowing who I was I started doing more standard or “magazine” edits to show more of what I can do.



5: Do you have a favorite event that you look forward to going to every year? Not necessarily to shoot, but just to attend?
No not really, I’m too busy. But this last year I went up to Bash to the Future 5 in Medofrd Oregon to shoot photos for just a day and that was rad. I liked being able to basically get right up on the track and get in spots for photos no other event will let you do for safety reasons. And I get it but I’m used to putting myself in harry spots with some of my other hobbies so the adrenaline junky in me likes shooting that event and will definitely be back this year.



6: Since we know you through the drifting demographic…If you had the opportunity to build whatever drift car you wanted; what would it be and what engine would power it?
That’s a tough one.. I’d probably have an old Datsun 240 or 280z with a 1jz so I could daily drive it and slide it.



Kingsley’s Social Media:
Facebook: Kingsley Hurley
Instagram: @visualsofkings
Without the media personnel at these events we all attend…there would be no material for us to reminisce on. Photographers and videographers not only build their own memories when they shoot an event, but they build our memories; the drivers’ memories. We want to take this time to not only thank Harry for his hard work, but ALL of you out there that scan the track for that perfect angle, stand in the blistering heat or frigid cold weather for hours, and endure the tire smoke we throw at you just to get that 1 shot…that 1 story…that 1 memory. You all deserve credit! Thank you.

What goes up…must Double-Down!

Feeding and grooming horses, firing up the tractor, and tilling the garden are just some of the many responsibilities Crystal handles at her back-country home, which has been dubbed ‘Hooks Farm at Sweetwater’. Deep in the back of her property stands a shop that houses her two S13 coupe chassis’; one of which is her play-around SR20 powered car, and the other being a Formula D prepped chassis awaiting her new LS3! Both of which have been collecting dust this year since Crystal’s priorities were focused around her newly purchased and first home, but this weekend that would all change. Crystal is back in the driver seat to try out her newly installed Garrett GTX2867R turbo / Tial Sport BOV combo, along with giving her livery a little twist…Say hello to Crystal Hooks!

For the past couple of months we have been coordinating with Crystal in regards to some changes she had planned. Wheels, logo, performance upgrades etc. were all taken into consideration. XXR Wheels supplied Crystal with this trendy set of 557’s in their flat black / bronze finish that surely pops on her vibrant purple wrap. Crystal runs a squared setup (17×8 +15) all around. We want to thank XXR Wheels for rushing this order to her within just a few days in order to make the deadline of her event. You guys are the best! The wheels look great don’t they?!

Next was her logo…As the team begins to individualize themselves, and focus on their own visions and desires their cars become more personal; thus making their own signature logo a way to express themselves. Though their physical appearance may differ from one another, but they still withhold the common denominator of representing the name that brings them together ‘Burn The Most’. Crystal’s analogy behind her logo in her words are, “I feel that we are a tribe, and I’m a woman warrior amongst all men. The symbolization of the burning hand represents a bad investment that you will never get a return on, which is basically the definition of a race car.” Personally, I thought this was very fitting to Crystal’s personality and encouraged the idea. It’ll be great to see what this concept can grow into in later seasons. 

After fulfilling all that was needed to be done prior to race day…it was off to the races! Crystal attended the Fall Double-Down 2017 event in Cordele, GA. There were some issues throughout the day (over heating), but it wouldn’t stop her from having a good time. Crystal and her team worked together to make the car drivable for the event, and took advantage of the weather to take some nice still pictures for us to share with you. Her car is now in a solid state and ready to begin the next chapter in the TBTM book of surprises.

TBTM would like to thank all involved with Crystal’s journey to this event. It was great to see her back in the driver seat and most importantly; having fun. We’d also like to thank Korbyn Ketchledge for supplying us with all of the media you see in this post. We appreciate it Korbyn!

We have something very special we are working on that involves the team. We can’t wait to share it with all of you!
Crystal’s Partners:
Canton Racing Products
Gates Belts
Phenix Industries
Stance USA
TF Works
Tial Sport
XXR Wheels

Photographer Spotlight: KINGS Photography

Being heavily active in the Sonoma Raceway’s Wednesday Night Drift program leads us to some really fantastic and energetic supporters. Along with the loud screaming fans lined up on the walls, there are those that are rarely seen because they’re hiding behind their camera lens documenting each and every Wednesday night in order to share their experience with others. One photographer in particular that has stood out to us the past few years has been Harry Chriest. Harry’s loud and color popping edits always capture our attention, and leave me anxious to post. We had the chance to catch up with Harry and ask him just a few questions regarding his photography hobby and his love for drifting. Take a look!
What brand/model camera do you shoot with?
I work with a Nikon D7200 with a few lenses. Hoping to upgrade soon to the Nikon D850 so my work will be even better.

How long have you been into photography?
I have been a photographer for 3 years.

Have you always shot motorsports or are there other subjects you like to shoot?
I have always shot motorsports. Nothing beats motorsports photography.

You say nothing nothing beats motorsports…what is your favorite form of motorsports?
My favorite form of motorsports would have to be drifting. I have been a fan all my life and has been my dream to go pro one day. I do like other motorsports as well but there is just something about drifting that gets my full attention.

Since we know you through the drifting demographic…If you had the opportunity to build whatever drift car you wanted; what would it be and what engine would power it?
If I had the opportunity to build a drift car it would have to be a Nissan Silvia S15 with a 2JZ twin turbo set up. I would say i’d want it with a LS7 in it but nothing can beat the beautiful sound of 2JZ. I would try to get at least a 1,000hp out of it

What is your favorite track to shoot at?
My favorite track to shoot at is Sonoma Raceway. I never shot at another track, but hoping I will soon.

How long have you been shooting at Sonoma Drift?
Since 2014.

What keeps you coming back?
The thing that keeps me coming back is how crazy it can get. It’s the moment when someone comes at you at about 50mph doing a wall-ride and the only thing in between us is a wall. It gets my heart pumping like crazy and I just love it!

What would be your ‘dream’ event to attend/shoot and why?
My dream event to shoot would definitely have to be Formula Drift. I used to always go to the one they had at Sonoma Raceway, but unfortunately they stopped doing it at that track. I would love to shoot at a Formula Drift event because it has been a long time since I went to one and the new drivers are just ridiculously good. I couldn’t imagine what kind of photos or videos I could get from a Formula Drift event. I’m sure they would be great though.

Harry’s Social Media:
Facebook: Harry Chriest
Instagram: @kingofswing_hoonigan
Without the media personnel at these events we all attend…there would be no material for us to reminisce on. Photographers and videographers not only build their own memories when they shoot an event, but they build our memories; the drivers’ memories. We want to take this time to not only thank Harry for his hard work, but ALL of you out there that scan the track for that perfect angle, stand in the blistering heat or frigid cold weather for hours, and endure the tire smoke we throw at you just to get that 1 shot…that 1 story…that 1 memory. You all deserve credit! Thank you.

FD Texas 2017-The Rise and Fall

1,695 miles. That is the distance from our city of Vallejo, CA to the home of the world’s largest TV and last round for PRO2…Texas Motor Speedway. Touching back on our PRO2 journey to Texas in 2015; we came close to qualifying, but would end up falling short due to suspension alignment issues. That was the first year Crick had the newly introduced WiseFab angle kit on his car. Since then he has adapted to this new steering + tons of other changes we made to the S13 chassis.
With 2 consecutive qualifying rounds and consistent growth with the car; Crick had high expectations for himself and his team going into Round 4 at Texas Motor Speedway.
Thursday (Practice/Qualifying):
I wish I could tell you that there would be a paragraph following this titled; ‘Friday (Competition), but unfortunately Thursday was it for TBTM.
11:25am: Aaron and Robert finished prepping the car, and packed up the support vehicle to follow Crick out onto the track. 1st set of tires: Crick lays down what already looks like it could be a qualifying run, but comes in seeking some alignment adjustments. After the request was filled by Aaron, Crick lined back up on grid and laid down yet another solid run. 2nd set of tires: We asked a friend in the stands the speed Crick was clocked at through one of the last clipping points…It came with no surprise after watching the field that he was 7mph faster than his competitors. Crick pulled into the pits feeling confident, feeling good, and knew this would be the event we were waiting for. 3rd set of tires: Crick pedals his 740whp S13 down the straight-away, initiates into the first turn, no boost…A belt? another jackshaft? We don’t know. Crick pulls back into the pit and the team yanks the hood. Everything is where it’s supposed to be and looks how it is supposed to look. We pull the front belt and spin the supercharger to find the culprit; the supercharger broke internally.
Blood was boiling and tension rose. Robert called his rep at Magnuson in hopes of receiving some (ASAP) assistance while Aaron and Crick went to the pits to see if anyone had a spare supercharger. Savior!!! Gale and Alec H. had a brand new spare, all we needed was approval from Magnuson that they’d replace theirs if we used it. By this time it was around 12:30pm; leaving us with 1 hour to uninstall and reinstall a supercharger before qualifying at 1:30pm. Approval was granted and relayed to Gale, Robert called Aaron to give him the green-light to start uninstalling our supercharger. 15min into the disassembly of both Crick’s supercharger and Alec’s we get a call saying there was a misunderstanding. Unfortunately the needs could not be met (logistically) so we had to return their supercharger, and forfeit ourselves from the competition early. We still want to give Alec and Gale a huge shoutout for their generosity for even entertaining the idea of letting us use their spare. We can’t thank your team enough!
The remainder of the trip Crick and his team set out to see what Texas had to offer. With BBQ on the menu everyday, we looked for the best The Lone Star state was serving. Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ came up repeatedly so after a less than successful day trying to ‘noodle’ or ‘hillbilly hand fishing’ we stopped by Billy’s just to find a sign that said, “Sold out of food. Come back tomorrow for the best bbq.” Naturally we didn’t take that for an answer. Robert went into the restaurant to find Billy and a young lady cleaning up for the day. Robert asked if the sign was true and without hesitation, Billy responded, “Yes. We sold out at 4pm and opened at 11am. Try coming back tomorrow.” Robert explained to Billy that the team had traveled a long distance and were leaving the next day in hopes of receiving some famous BBQ. Billy had just enough ribs left over to feed our team of 5 and treat us with that signature southern hospitality. The team got to visit and get to know Billy while we were there, and setup a future visit for next year’s trip! Before leaving we had the pleasure of taking a group picture in front of his restaurant. We are all still talking about those damn ribs today! If you’re reading this Billy…WE ARE COMING BACK!

Though this trip didn’t go how we foresaw it, we still made the best of it and built more memories with our friends. TBTM will be back for you Texas and we won’t be leaving without a trophy! Each trip is filmed and edited with the help of our friend Shane Jaskolski. Now check out this footage!

Canton Racing Products
CorteX Racing
Fitzgerald Glider Kits
Gates Auto
Magnuson Superchargers
Manley Performance
Phenix Industries
Spec Clutch
Stance USA
TF Works
Wright Wraps
XXR Wheels