TBTM x SFG Wraps 5k Giveaway

We started our Instagram channel on June 6, 2013, and since then we have tried our best to feed you the most recent and quality content there is to offer regarding TBTM and its entirety. We are beyond grateful for the following that has grown with us over these last 3 years, and for that, we thank you. As an acknowledgment to all who have supported us and helped us exceed the 5000 follower milestone we are giving away a 1 of 1 TBTM flex-fit hat that was designed and embroidered by our.....

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TBTM x Volante Auto

What does your car say about you? Each and every one of us wants our car to resemble who we are and have our own taste put into modifying it in whatever way that may be. Volant Auto has taken modification to the next level with their wood based accessories + laser engraving process. We were recently contacted by Jorge of Volante Auto asking if we'd be interested in a set of TBTM pins for the team. Naturally we were gratified by this gesture and accepted the offer. Shortly after sending.....

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The Night Before Driftmas w/ Crystal Hooks

Through this life you never know who you are going to meet an when. This Fall our manager Robert Ljuba (Rob) received a phone call from a ambitious young woman by the name of Crystal Hooks. Crystal was referred to Rob by TBTM driver Joe Tardiff who has had a past with Crystal in freestyle motorcycle stunt riding. She was seeking some potential help with a video production she had lined up for the Holiday season. In Rob's and Crystals' introductory phone call Crystal went into extensive.....

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All Show to All Pro

As many of you know from following TBTM; Joe Tardiff has been on FIRE! This flame of achievement is what sparked this write-up. We simply are acknowledging his efforts and dedication to the sport of drifting, and backing him as he progresses towards his goals. Joe has only been drifting for 2 1/2 years, and have built quite a name for himself within this short stint. This year has been his busiest season yet by competing in Top Drift Pro-Am, Golden Gate Drift Pro-Am, and Southwest /.....

POSTED ON :September 10th, 2015 1:34 PM


Chasing Unicorns (Formula D Evergreen)

6 days to build a professional race car and have it brought over 600+ miles seems like something only a Supercar team would be capable of, but with TBTM we made chasing a unicorn; reality. After doing a majority of the fabrication work Thursday the 16th at Chris' home in Vallejo, the team loaded up what would soon be Chris' Pro2 S13, and brought it to the CorteX Racing facility located at Sonoma Raceway. The car was unloaded Friday night and wouldn't be touched until.....

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How's it going everyone?! It's been a while since we last spoke. The wait was for a good reason I promise. As some of you know; we've been privileged to be partnered with Stance USA for the past 2 years. They are one of the most supportive partners we have for Chris' 2015 Pro2 program this year. When Chris' suspension components came in for the pro car we found a little surprise. Stance took it upon themselves to laser etch this extremely limited iPhone 6 case and approve of the idea of.....

POSTED ON :May 26th, 2015 1:25 AM


Crunch-Time: A story of an unforeseen build

Whether or not you are following us on Instagram or Facebook; we are sure you are aware of what has been happening at the TBTM compound. Just a little over 2 weeks ago at Golden Gate Drift, our driver Joe put his S13 into the wall, worked all night on collecting the right parts, and managed to get the car back together for the next day at comp. Just when all was great with a qualifying lap putting him in 1st; he'd have a mechanical malfunction in his suspension that would nail down the.....

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2015 Partner: Phenix Industries

TBTM would like to proudly announce Phenix Industries as a new team partner! With us entering the new season, and building new platforms, this partnership is held with high value. Phenix is a US manufacturer of performance automotive aftermarket products. They specialize in higher quality, better performing, and affordable fluid control products for use in the automotive, racing, and hydraulic industries. Thank you Phenix Industries for the support! We will do our best to make you proud. TBTM.....

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Happy Birthday Crick!

We'd like to take the time to wish a Happy Birthday to our driver Chris "Crick" Filippi who turns 32 today. This guy is the definition of determination and handwork. He was worked so hard up to the point where he is at, and things are starting to unfold as they should for him. The TBTM family is very close knit and each of us have our own reasons of why we are thankful for Chris and we all value his friendship. Here is a quote from fellow teammate Joe Tardiff: "This dude right here.....

POSTED ON :March 10th, 2015 10:28 AM


Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational

Change is always good. This past weekend was a big change for driver Crick Filippi as he would be piloting the CorteX Racing 2015 Mustang around the East Course of ThunderHill Raceway. Rather than pitching the car sideways seeing how far he can stretch a drift, Crick would have to focus on keeping the Pilot Sport tires planted and achieving the fastest lap time in his class. The Ultimate Street Car Association put on by Optima was held at ThunderHill Raceway and was a 2-day event......

POSTED ON :March 4th, 2015 11:27 AM