Photographer Spotlight: Jessica Miller

Just because the season ended doesn't mean content has to stop right? We are on the third installment of our Photographer Spotlight acknowledgments; this time we are putting our focus on Jessica Miller!   Jessica is one of the many photographers that found their way to the Sonoma Drift paddock, and has been attracted to the sounds of high revving engines and billowing clouds or tire smoke. We had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica to find out just who she was outside of this race.....

POSTED ON :January 24th, 2018 6:56 PM


TBTM partners with Fuel Injector Connection for 2018

About a month ago, Robert Ljuba leaked a little teaser about a new partner joining the TBTM family so without further adieu we'd like to introduce Fuel Injector Connection as a partner for Crick Filippi and his 2018 Formula Drift PRO2 season.     Crick was introduced to FIC (Fuel Injector Connection) last season after being referred by our tuner; Nick Newton of Newtech Performance in Hayward, CA. We sent over Crick's OEM LS Deka injectors to get resized to 72lb to fuel our.....

POSTED ON :January 10th, 2018 6:53 PM


Winter Jam 2017

354 registered drivers, capped media personnel locked in at 80, and a crowd attendance that could rival INDY; this is what makes Winter Jam at Sonoma Raceway the largest drifting event in the country and potentially in the world from a drivers registration standpoint! Each year this event grows more in every aspect. Between 2016 and 17' our registered drivers increased by over 100, and having been around and involved since the beginning of this event; it is rewarding to see the lengths people.....

POSTED ON :December 26th, 2017 8:19 PM


From WHINE to WHISTLE *Part 3*

With the turbo setup finalized and in their final home, it was time to focus on the intercooler. Crick purchased 2 separate cores from ATP Turbo when we initially purchased all of the turbo components. His idea was to mate them together with two ports on the bottom and one center port on top to the LS3 intake manifold.     Would you just look at those welds!     "Measure twice, cut once" is what many of us were told growing up. This can be taken different.....

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If you didn't read *Part 1* then let me fill you in really quick...Crick installed his new MAST Black Label heads, and mounted the turbos temporarily so he could begin fabricating the custom manifolds. Drawing the imaginary lines from head to turbos would be Crick's job as he had the turbos in their fixed location.     It made the job a little easier having a spare set of cylinder heads, that way Crick could utilize the flanges on his work bench for perfect fitment. One small.....

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Since 2015, Crick Filippi has been whining his way through Formula Drift...quite literally I might add. (no pun intended). His Magnuson TVS2300 Supercharger was a very fun power adder, and it gave Crick that signature whine so everyone knew when he was on their door. For 2018, all of that would change...   After many ideas were tossed around in Crick's garage about what to do for not only Winter Jam, but the 2018 season, Crick settled on going from whistle! Immediately after.....

POSTED ON :December 5th, 2017 8:38 PM


Photographer Spotlight: Kingsley Hurley

After publishing our 1 on 1 with photographer Harry Chriest last month, we received a lot of praise for recognizing some of the local media personnel, which has led us to showcase photographers and their work throughout the year in our new 'Photographer Spotlight' series.   Our 2nd installment to the Photographer Spotlight goes to Kingsley Hurley / Instagram: @visualsofkingsĀ . Kingsley has been a name brought up more than on one occasion for not only his motorsports work, but also.....

POSTED ON :November 13th, 2017 7:44 PM


What goes up…must Double-Down!

Feeding and grooming horses, firing up the tractor, and tilling the garden are just some of the many responsibilities Crystal handles at her back-country home, which has been dubbed 'Hooks Farm at Sweetwater'. Deep in the back of her property stands a shop that houses her two S13 coupe chassis'; one of which is her play-around SR20 powered car, and the other being a Formula D prepped chassis awaiting her new LS3! Both of which have been collecting dust this year since Crystal's priorities were.....

POSTED ON :October 23rd, 2017 9:38 PM


Photographer Spotlight: KINGS Photography

Being heavily active in the Sonoma Raceway's Wednesday Night Drift program leads us to some really fantastic and energetic supporters. Along with the loud screaming fans lined up on the walls, there are those that are rarely seen because they're hiding behind their camera lens documenting each and every Wednesday night in order to share their experience with others. One photographer in particular that has stood out to us the past few years has been Harry Chriest. Harry's loud and color popping.....

POSTED ON :October 8th, 2017 6:27 PM


FD Texas 2017-The Rise and Fall

1,695 miles. That is the distance from our city of Vallejo, CA to the home of the world's largest TV and last round for PRO2...Texas Motor Speedway. Touching back on our PRO2 journey to Texas in 2015; we came close to qualifying, but would end up falling short due to suspension alignment issues. That was the first year Crick had the newly introduced WiseFab angle kit on his car. Since then he has adapted to this new steering + tons of other changes we made to the S13 chassis.   With 2.....

POSTED ON :October 1st, 2017 8:07 AM