What is the first event you look forward to attending when the season starts? Is there one that you just HAVE to drive in or spectate? For Elijah Wright his full attention goes to traveling up north to Eagle Point, OR where Medford Cruise & Drift Evolution have been hosting the drift event dubbed; Bash to the Future.

2018 marks the sixth year of this event, and it has only grown since day 1. I remember the 1st year of Bash; Joe and Crick took home the top spot for team tandem, and then the 2nd year, Elijah drove hard and sold out of his personalized TBTM apparel and stickers. I was stoked when the guys come back from a trip and have some positive news to share. When the team has a genuine good time, no car problems, and positive feedback from the crowd; it makes for a good atmosphere and great memories.

This year we had the pleasure of working with recently featured photographer: Kingsley Hurley from @visualsofkings. Kingsley surprised us with a edited video specifically for Elijah that paid homage to all of his partners as well as the teams’ partners. Along with the video you see here, Kingsley also supplied all photos within this blog. Give his page a follow while your scanning through his Instagram.

Elijah’s Partners:
Big Duck Club
Canton Racing Products
Gates Auto
Manley Performance
Nerp Tech
Phenix Industries
Stance USA
West Coast Ravenol
TF Works
XXR Wheels

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