We are a truly close and diverse group of talented, high-performing individuals who are passionate about the discipline, craft, technique and art of drifting. It’s also no coincidence that 3 out of 4 team members first began competing at an early age in some form of competitive racing sport. Chris Filippi was a fully sponsored BMX racer by the age of 10 and in 2004 Chris even transitioned into stunt bike riding. Elijah Wright also started off in BMX as a freestyle competitor. Team member Joe Tardiff was go-kart racing at 11 years of age. Our ultimate goal is to brand Team Burn the Most as a leader in the motorsport of drifting. After our first official competitive events we quickly developed a reputation as a crowd favorite. The official Team Burn the Most name actually came from an unassuming logo found on a 350hp supercharged CHP Ford Mustang originally owned by Chris Filipi. Elijah Wright eventually ignited the spark and love for drifting in Chris also, who ultimately retired the CHP Ford Mustang and purchased a Nissan 240 SX upgraded to the RB25DET – twin-cam TURBO (T3 Turbo) engine.



As the official in-house fabrication shop for Team Burn the Most, Cricks Racing Fabrication, lead by team member Chris Filippi, develops and builds the best professionally engineered custom high-performance parts. Cricks Racing Fabrication has built the best roll cages in California and also specializes in custom fabrications such as: crossmembers and various suspension products. Check out Cricks promo video below.