Being heavily active in the Sonoma Raceway’s Wednesday Night Drift program leads us to some really fantastic and energetic supporters. Along with the loud screaming fans lined up on the walls, there are those that are rarely seen because they’re hiding behind their camera lens documenting each and every Wednesday night in order to share their experience with others. One photographer in particular that has stood out to us the past few years has been Harry Chriest. Harry’s loud and color popping edits always capture our attention, and leave me anxious to post. We had the chance to catch up with Harry and ask him just a few questions regarding his photography hobby and his love for drifting. Take a look!
What brand/model camera do you shoot with?
I work with a Nikon D7200 with a few lenses. Hoping to upgrade soon to the Nikon D850 so my work will be even better.

How long have you been into photography?
I have been a photographer for 3 years.

Have you always shot motorsports or are there other subjects you like to shoot?
I have always shot motorsports. Nothing beats motorsports photography.

You say nothing nothing beats motorsports…what is your favorite form of motorsports?
My favorite form of motorsports would have to be drifting. I have been a fan all my life and has been my dream to go pro one day. I do like other motorsports as well but there is just something about drifting that gets my full attention.

Since we know you through the drifting demographic…If you had the opportunity to build whatever drift car you wanted; what would it be and what engine would power it?
If I had the opportunity to build a drift car it would have to be a Nissan Silvia S15 with a 2JZ twin turbo set up. I would say i’d want it with a LS7 in it but nothing can beat the beautiful sound of 2JZ. I would try to get at least a 1,000hp out of it

What is your favorite track to shoot at?
My favorite track to shoot at is Sonoma Raceway. I never shot at another track, but hoping I will soon.

How long have you been shooting at Sonoma Drift?
Since 2014.

What keeps you coming back?
The thing that keeps me coming back is how crazy it can get. It’s the moment when someone comes at you at about 50mph doing a wall-ride and the only thing in between us is a wall. It gets my heart pumping like crazy and I just love it!

What would be your ‘dream’ event to attend/shoot and why?
My dream event to shoot would definitely have to be Formula Drift. I used to always go to the one they had at Sonoma Raceway, but unfortunately they stopped doing it at that track. I would love to shoot at a Formula Drift event because it has been a long time since I went to one and the new drivers are just ridiculously good. I couldn’t imagine what kind of photos or videos I could get from a Formula Drift event. I’m sure they would be great though.

Harry’s Social Media:
Facebook: Harry Chriest
Instagram: @kingofswing_hoonigan
Without the media personnel at these events we all attend…there would be no material for us to reminisce on. Photographers and videographers not only build their own memories when they shoot an event, but they build our memories; the drivers’ memories. We want to take this time to not only thank Harry for his hard work, but ALL of you out there that scan the track for that perfect angle, stand in the blistering heat or frigid cold weather for hours, and endure the tire smoke we throw at you just to get that 1 shot…that 1 story…that 1 memory. You all deserve credit! Thank you.

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